News: Unshod Quills releases Issue Two 9/15/11

Superman Down - Photography - Jillian Brall of Unshod Quills

We at HAL are happy and proud to inform you that our sexy sister site in Portland has released the second edition of Unshod Quills, containing art, fiction, videos, and more; all the finest in hip literature in pandemic format. A good amount of HAL authors are including in this issue (you remember the China-US cross-writing exercise we did at Groupthink? You see people, there’s a plan with everything we do, promise!), look out for Jason Lasky, Lucinda Holmes, Ginger wRong Chen and Catherine Platt, just to mention a few. Oh, and your favorite HAL editor debuts as a photo artist. In all modesty as always, needless to say. Big congratulations to Dena and UQ, HAL loves ‘ya!


Letter from the editor of Unshod Quills

September 2011
back at home on the farm
somewhere near Portland, Oregon

Dearest Reader,

Let’s get to the the art and literature, shall we?

What do we have for you? Funny you should ask.  We always feature writing and art based on themes assigned by me, because I am the editor, and I like to assign themes. This issue’s themes include America, fire, rapture, villanelles, “Somewhere Never Traveled, Gladly Beyond,” and red shoes.

In this issue, we have a very special feature: a literary and art based exchange program between China based English language publisher Haliterature and the United States based Unshod Quills. HAL is UQ’s sister site, and something of its mothership, even. For this effort, members of each publisher’s writing group shared writing or art based on the theme of America. Perhaps my favorite contributions to the mix come from Katrina Hamlin in Shanghai, with her story about white teeth and incomplete cakes, and New York City’s Jillian Brall, with her catchy line, “Yo yo yo, turn it up. This is the best part.”

Please click here to read the full Letter from the Editor, and click here to go straight to Unshod Quills.