About W.M. Butler

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia. W.M. Butler is a Canadian poet and fiction writer.  The entirety of his work was lost to the fertile soil of the Battle River area in Alberta when the dilapidated farmhouse where he stored his collection was demolished and his life’s work buried.  He began writing new material for a poetry manuscript entitled The Heart as an Octopus in 2006, two years after his arrival in Shanghai. Butler soon made the move to short fiction and his first story, “I am Barbie” was published in Party Like It’s 1984.  “I am Barbie” has recently been adapted into a full length novel and is slated for release in the coming months, Butler is a regular contributor to H.A.L.’s website. Currently he is the Deputy and Creative Editor with H.A.L. Publishing, the co-founder of The Shanghai Tunnels Project, a consultant on the SLAMHAI poetry series, and host of various H.A.L. events like Shanghai BARd Fight and Girls on Top. When he finds time, he performs with United Verses, contributes to online publications including Shanghai Squared and Unshod Quills, and works with founder Björn Walström on events planning and future H.A.L. projects.