ArtMachine — July 7 ArtWalk Moganshan

Not actually from Moganshan Lu.

On a recent trip to M50, HAL friend Bree of Dyce Productions found herself surprised at the amount of pretty terrible art out on display. With that in mind, July 7th’s ArtMachine workshop focuses on making the bad or not-so-great better.  Take it away Bree:

MoganSHAM-or- Reworked
Find a piece of art you think is terrible and make it better — or even worse until it’s cool.

Your Mission: Find a piece of artwork that is “not quite there” or “is missing something” or is “just plain bad”, and rework it into something new and interesting—paying attention to composition, colors, and inspiring message or theme. Bonus points if you do some research on the artist and tell us about them. *Remember* you can stalk almost every living artist in China on Weibo!

Match the Medium: Use the same materials the original artist used to create the piece. If you don’t want to do that, at least try use the same style the artist worked in

1. Your Theme Artpeice
2. A photgraph of the orginal artwork
3. Sketchbook, pen, pencils

Size: Artist’s choice. Work in what ever size you feel comfortable — it’s better if you try to match the size but understandable if this isn’t realistic.

Cost: Free!

If you like the theme for this week, please create a piece of work.

On Sunday June 10 at 6:30 bring your work to Bell Bar. (A projector or tv screen will be available , so for all you digital artists and those of you who work in a large scale. Bring your own computer or at least a USB key!!). We’ll do an introduction of the theme, and each artist will be given the chance to present their artwork and receive feedback from fellow artists. After the critique period we’ll do some skill development and practice some different artistic techniques (line work, composition, sketch drills, etc…).

This is not an art class, it is a chance for fully skilled artists to share their input with each other in an effort to improve the overall quality of their art.

There is no obligation to participate every week. If you like the theme, create something! If you don’t, you can just come and offer opinions or don’t come at all. No worries.

Theme for July 15: MoganSHAM – Reworked
Medium: Same as original art piece
Size: Artist’s choice

Sunday, July 7. Art walk in Moganshan Lu. 3pm meet at the café near entrance of M50.
Sunday, July 15. ArtMachine Workshop 6:30-8:30 at Bell Bar in Tianzifang.