The Ministry of Truth: Storytellers

H.A.L. Publishing and mamagushi bring the ancient art of  oral STORYTELLING to Suzhou and the ‘Hai starting March 22nd with what could possibly be both city’s first ever Storytelling events. Artists will be crafting some juicy stories and telling them up close, personal and live for both the JUE Festival and the Bookworm International Lit Fest. Experience the awesome as our storytellers take on the topic of FIRST TIMES! For a taste check out some badassery from one of our past GROUPTHiNK Storytelling workshops.

If you are an audience member or aspiring storyteller that wants to get involved in the action, just come on by to one of the events and toss your name in the ring for a chance to tell your own story. If you’re a little shy, stay and watch the show, get your liquid courage on and give it a try. The Topic again is FIRST TIMES (doesn’t need to be the obvious) and can be funny, touching, silly, wonderful. Whatever.  It just has to be true! Stay glued to H.A.L. for more updates.

H.A.L. loves ya!