Hero’s Journey: Lecture

Our first installment of the Hero’s Journey workshop was a great big bowl of awesome. Some great beginnings from some great writers. We were treated to a little of everything, ranging from employees at a dream factory to a kung-fu adventure spanning two continents. A lot of talking and feedback from all the participants  involved.

This upcoming meeting was going to be geared towards crafting the second parts in our stories but H.A.L. got some good news in the form of  Lynn King, who just happens to be all about the Hero’s Journey. Lynn teaches others how to live their own hero’s journey and how to apply it to their daily lives. Lynn has offered to come in and speak to GROUPTHiNK about the subject. This is a great chance for all you guys who may not know much about this subject and will allow others who could not make it to our first session or are behind with their stories to catch up. As for those of you who are a head of schedule it will give you a chance get some perspective on what you’ve already written. Or if you are just interested in the Journey and want to be inspired stop on by.

Our regular workshopping of part 2 of our hero stories will start up again at the following GT after the 25th.

And remember  DYCE Productions will be choosing a story to illustrate after this is all over. We look forward to seeing you all at The Rabbit Hole.

(NEXT GT MEETING SUNDAY MARCH 25th. 6:30PM @ THE RABBIT HOLE . A lecture on The Hero’s Journey)