Fifteen Minutes

by Basia Dekleva

“Come on, harder. Fuck me hard.”

“Stop. Ehm, Jess, could we try that one again? Let’s remember the girl is just getting fucked by a big guy she kinda likes, alright?”

Jess rolled her eyes. She had had a bad day and now this. Dubbing porn. Dubbing fucking porn. “Fuck me”, she thought to herself.

When Sam told her about a job that would pay her rent she hadn’t expected this. But fair enough. She had a nice voice. She was good at talking. And dubbing porn certainly paid more than her last job at a language school.
And this was only her second day. It was bound to get better. Hopefully. At first she was apprehensive to work in such a small space with unknown guys shouting “Suck me hard”. But her usual partner turned out to be 40, gay, and utterly likable. And a very good actor. By the end of the first day, listening to the recordings you could have sworn he had got converted to heterosexuality by the power of porn. “Bless dicks, cunts, and tongues. Amen”, Jess thought.
But the porn. She didn’t even know where to start. Sleazy man, double the size of any of the guys she had ever fucked. And not in a good way. Blank pussies and over-sized tits staring at her from the screen. It was Barbie against Ken on steroids. All the time. It wasn’t fun to watch. She had heard about porn geared towards woman or whatever but she certainly wasn’t the one dubbing those movies.
She tried the second line once more, this time with a little bit more conviction. Mike, the sound engineer gave his OK and they continued.
The weeks passed and Jess grew accustomed to the job. She ooh-ed and aah-ed. Was one day a baroness riding a noble knight and the other a strict nun getting God’s absolution through the sanctity of the friar’s sperm.
Then one day she showed up to work and Martin, her gay dubbing partner, was gone. Turned out Martin was sick and on this movie she would work with Florian. After a brief introduction they started off but Jess had difficulties concentrating on the lines. Because Florian was not Martin. She guessed he was her age. Probably a student. Probably also temping. And she felt attracted to him. Brown, deep-set eyes, a genuine smile. What was not to like? And it was obvious that Florian wasn’t blind to Jess’s charms either. And so the hour flew by, the tension rising and a certain awkwardness filling the space between the two partners while they huffed and puffed into the microphones.
Oh, just like this, come on. Suck it. Oh yeah, lick the balls. Oh yeah, you like it when I put my fingers up your wet cunt, do you?
Oh yeah, come on boy. I want to feel your hard cock inside me. Ahhh…
You like this, yeah, come on. No none ever gonna say I can’t treat a girl the right way.
And so it went forth, Jess getting wetter and damper by the minute, trying to avert her eyes from Florian who was by now sporting an erection difficult to conceal.
Until Mike put an end it.
“Hey guys, let’s take a break, alright? Get something to drink or whatever. See you back in 15. I’m going out for a smoke.”
And so he strolled off, leaving the other two behind in the recording studio. There was an awkward silence now that Mike had left and Jess decided to break the ice with a typical excuse: “Sorry, just got to head to the loo real quick. Will be right back.” And no sooner had she finished her sentence had she already slipped past him.
She rushed off to the bathroom, took a piss, washed her hands and splashed some water into her hot face. She took a look at her watch. Thirteen minutes left. “What now?”, she thought to herself. She felt a weird knot in her tummy but decided to walk back to the room. Florian was leaning against a stool when she entered but immediately got up when he saw her. He cleared his throat. When she met his gaze it was like two trains colliding into each other head-on. She took a step back but then steadied herself. Twelve minutes left.
She parted her lips, his eyes still resting on her, hesitant for a moment but then asked in a small but firm voice, “Do you know how to treat a girl the right way?” Before she had finished her question she had already crossed the room, tugging lightly at his leather belt. Florian, agreeing to the game, replied, “You like it when I put my fingers up your wet cunt”. “Fuck me hard”, Jess whispered in a low voice while unbuckling his belt and reaching down for his hard cock.
They are the players, they know the script. But there’s been enough talk already. He lies down on his back and Jess mounts him, taking all of him in with her damp vagina. Thrusting herself back and forth. He reaches for her breasts and light sounds of pleasure come from her lips.
Jess glimpses at the watch. Six minutes left. She starts moving faster, arching her back, leaning forward to kiss him and then pulling back all while rubbing her pulsating clitoris with her left. She pushes harder against him…four minutes. Then a deep simultaneous groan comes from the two when Jess feels Florian coming insider her. She moans. But he has already flipped her over, spreading her legs and licking her damp pussy, sucking at her clitoris, teasing, harder. Until she comes as well. And a deep sound echos through the studio.
Two minutes left.
Mike comes back five minutes late. He asks, “You guys ready for some more dirty talking?”