Groupthink Storytellers – Part II

Jeez Louise! This has been a crazy, strange week for us here at the HAL offices. First we get a huge response to our STORYTELLING GROUPTHINK meeting, with folks nearly crawling over one another to tell a tale. Then we get mysterious emails from mysterious writers, sitting outside of mysterious bars, who get mysterious notes from mysterious strangers who don’t tip their waitress (Please let’s all pitch in and send Jennifer 15% of that tab!). Now we get more Storytellers telling more stories! Will the madness ever end? Here are two more yarns for your listening pleasure! Enjoy.

Carrie Sanders: A Real Man

Robin Silver: Cream Puffs

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We are getting a lot of interest from people wanting to be storytellers at our storytelling event, so if you are in Shanghai and want a chance to join in please confirm with us at ASAP. It might just turn into a competition to see who gets a slot, so act fast!