United Verses

One day a group of really talented and really attractive poets got together and said, “You know what nobody is doing? Nobody is getting English and Chinese poets together and melding them into one massive poetry machine.” A joyous “Yop!” went up around the table and these wonderfully talented poets knew that they had something special. So it was that Richard Watkins, Laura McCrae, Andrea Fassolas and our very own talented Tom “the man” Mangione created United Verses. A show to end all shows. A Show that would bring local and ex-pat poets together in the spirit of brotha/sistahood. Using the ancient art of “Translation,” lovers of poetry who ain’t be knowin’ how to speak or read no not other language but their own, can now enjoy Chinese poems in English or the other way around!

Come on out to Anar on Saturday, July, 23rd (address on the beautiful poster above!) and get ready to enjoy the poetic stylings of some of Shanghai’s best and brightest poets working in tandem to bring you some sick, kick-ass poetry!