Author Spotlight: W.M. Butler

W.M. Butler

W.M. Butler is from Calgary, Canada. He was once a poet but now is a short story writer. He is currently being coerced  into writing a novel. He’s freaked out but happy that his work appears on H.A.L.’s website and ShanghaiSquared. Currently a short story of his is being adapted for the screen as a short film. W.M. Butler is currently working on his first collection of short stories due for publication later this year… or next.

W.M. Butler’s featured stories:

The Adventures Of Brute Noir: A Tall Tale (new)

I’m Steel, Baby

Five Questions for W.M. Butler

HAL: What time is it?

WMB: Um, like 4 AM.

HAL: What do you do when you’re not writing?

WMB: Feel guilty for not writing.

HAL: What made you want to pick up a pen?

WMB: Someone told me there would be chicks. I’ve always wanted a baby bird of my own but there was this… incident when I was three years old…

HAL: What drives you to continue writing?

WMB: Never being good enough, I always want to improve. Whenever I come across a great story I say to myself, “See that was really good, you need to try harder. You need to be that good.”

HAL: If you could punch one writer in the face who would it be?

WMB: Hemingway. I have my reasons. Don’t judge me.

W.M. Butler doesn’t look as hot in real life as he does in this picture but if you still want a chance to hear him read live and meet with the author in person check out our Event at Garden Books this July 16th.


W.M. Butler’s story “I am Barbie” appears in H.A.L. Publishing’s, “Party Like It’s 1984: short stories from the people’s republic of” which is available for order to all over the world from Powell’s. If you are living in Shanghai you can pick up a copy in store at Garden Books. In Chengdu or Beijing? This title is available  in store at The Bookworm.