Author Spotlight: Renée Reynolds


Renée Reynolds grew up between Chicago and Los Angeles. She writes short fiction and paints long images while working as a freelance writer in Shanghai.

Featured Poem- Lillian by Renée Reynolds

5 Questions for Renée Reynolds

HAL: What is the most misunderstood genre in literature?

RR: The Power Point Presentation, hands down.

HAL: What is a perfect fictional character name ?

RR: Will Self. Unfortunately already taken by a famous living author of fiction.

HAL: If you were a fictional character what ultimate demise would you want your author to write for you?

RR: An unsolved disappearance somewhere along the Guayabamba river in Ecuador where some of the most fantastic storytellers I have ever met do dwell.

HAL: Stock question: what’s the hardest part about being a writer?

RR: Keeping track of the heres and theres and everywheres.

HAL: Where were you at 11:15AM on March 24th, this year?

RR: Sorry what? I didn’t do it (if that’s what you’re getting at).

Renée Reynolds can be found being just as awesome as she is here this Saturday at our Event at Garden Books. Come meet the author and hear her read.


Renée Reynolds’ stories “An Alleged Death on Line 2” and “For all of my Wife” appear in H.A.L. Publishing’s, “Party Like It’s 1984: short stories from the people’s republic of” which is available for order to all over the world from Powell’s. If you are living in Shanghai you can pick up a copy in store at Garden Books. In Chengdu or Beijing? This title is available  in store at The Bookworm.