Author Spotlight!: Ginger wRong Chen


Ginger wRong Chen

Ginger is a female writer; wRong is an incorrect writer; Chen is a Chinese writer. Ginger+wRong+Chen is a female incorrect Chinese writer, who manipulates the art of storytelling into short stories, film and TV scripts. Find her works in Party Like It’s 1984 or on our website.

Ginger’s featured story:

House on Fire

Five Questions For Ginger wRong Chen:

HAL: When you just can’t find that character, line, idea etc. What do you do to get your creative juices flowing?

GwC: Dip yourself into the blankness. Make it deep. Then jump out of it. Go do whatever rubbish you feel like, for instance, slicing some ginger, I mean the ginger ginger. Now let your subconsciousness do the rest of the work. Sooner or later you will have something, hopefully something good. The point is to have faith in the unknown part of your brain. You don’t need to know how it works. You just need to know it is working, and it works.

HAL: What is the first book you remember?

GwC: 唐诗三百首(300 Tang Poems)

HAL: Who would win in a fight between a Jiaozi and a Baozi?

GwC: Certainly Jiaozi. Have you seen his bulging muscles? You can almost imagine hours and hours of hard work at the gym.

HAL: Stock Question: Why are you a writer?. Go!

GwC: So I can claim I am doing something without really doing anything.

HAL: Name 3 things you like better than literature.


Getting dressed
Getting undressed
And delivering the line “Just kidding.”

Ginger is as stunningly talented in person as she is on the page, want a chance to hear a live reading and talk to the author herself? Check out our Event at Garden Books this coming July 16th!


Check out these short stories by GingerHer story “hOur room” appears in our fiction collection Party Like It’s 1984: short stories from the people’s republic of which is available for order to all over the world from Powell’s. If you are living in Shanghai you can pick up a copy in store at Garden Books. In Chengdu or Beijing? This title is available in store at The Bookworm.