Pandemic Panda Diplomacy

The Guys and Gals at H.A.L. and Unshod Quills got together for some hot and heavy  unprotected word play and managed to birth a piebald bastard lovechild. That’s right folks we somehow got it into our heads to choose Pandas, those darling ambassadors of peace and cuddliness from the PRC for our GT topic.  Little did we know that our writer out of residence, Dena Rash Guzman had an unhealthy Panda fixation and  rallied her troops to put out some top notch poetry, prose and pics of China’s other national symbol. So get ready for H.A.L. and UQ’s version of Pandemic Panda Diplomacy! All this week we will be featuring work by writers and artists from the USA and China, all in the name of promoting friendship, cooperation and hot panda lovin’ between two countries that are secretly afraid of each other but will never admit it…talk about your proverbial panda in the room…


H.A.L. & UQ

Dena Rash Guzman- Dear Mei,

An earthquake, a panda, a kidnapping, unrequited love. What else is there to say?

Rosemary Douglas Lombard & Heidi Tornieri – Bodacious Bear

Ancient Chinese myth meets a modern dilemma facing our furry friends. What’s a panda to do?

Wendy Ellis – Plastic Pandas

Plastic or made out of fur, pandas kick ass. Go with it!


Check Back on June 3oth, for Part 2 of our Pandemic Panda Diplomacy Series!