Apandalypse Now

“I love the smell of bamboo in the morning!”

Somehow along the way this whole panda thing just turned dark; dark and mentally disturbing. I feel the need to include a disclaimer before continuing further:

“In no way does H.A.L. condone the actions of the pandas or people appearing as pandas in the following stories. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. We here at H.A.L. love pandas in a wholesome way and have never had carnal knowledge… to our recollection with a panda, nor have we ever had the desire to know a member of the panda family in the biblical sense. No Pandas were harmed in the making of these short stories.”

J.C. – Hi Panda

Boy meets panda. Boy gets sexually aroused by panda… It’s a story as old as time.

Willow Neilson- Pandas Unleashed

We all know Pandas are lazy, sex hating layabouts… But what if pandas got their groove back?

Sarah Cottee- A Party

Debilitating alcoholism, plushies, illegitimate children. Not sure what else I can say here… (uncomfortable silence)


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