Eight Writers Rose to the Occasion for Shanghai Erotic Fiction

Dena Rash Guzman got cold Shanghai all hot and bothered.

On Thursday, February 17th, HAL teamed up with That’s Shanghai and pleasure object creators Lelo for Shanghai Erotic Fiction, a delightful evening of erotic fiction at Glamour Bar on the bund.  Spirited revelers kept their lips wet on appropriately themed drink specials and free vodka shots passed around throughout the night.  Eight erotica readers tickled the passions and funny bones of the bulging crowd of nearly 200 listeners.  Lucky draws from Lelo and Glamour Bar from artist and event promoter Bree Harrison’s sexy box kept the audience enraptured between readings.  At the end of the night, three deserving authors strolled away with elegant pleasure objects from Lelo.  Sam Gaskin won audience favorite for his piece “No Sexceptions,” which proved that no barrier can stand between a man and the southern hemisphere of his lover’s boob.  Yeah, that’s what he did.  Coming all the way to the [Lady of the Evening] of the Orient from Sin City, Dena Rash Guzman’s rapport with the audience won her best performance with an excerpt from her piece “Ballad of a Chinese Paper Fan.”  Those of us wondering if a powerful tartan-wearing man of the Scottish Highlands could woo a lady of the East as well as he would a lady of the West who picked up the latest Harlequin romance at the super market were treated to Sam Childley’s answer in “A Scottish Lord in Shanghai,” “That’s Shanghai’s” choice for literary merit.   Thanks to all who came and to those who showed up for a great evening with eight very talented writers.

Join us for more great nights in March for Shanghai BARd Fight—a series of three lit events in bars around Shanghai as a part of Split WorksJUE Festival.

Pictures and stories below….

Other stories read during the evening included:

Appetisers and Aperitifs” by Mark Talacko

Very Small Rooms” by Greg Baines

Ginger wRong Chen excites with "Elevator Moaning Cantata."

MC Ned Kelly looks for the next lucky winner in Bree's box.

Sam Gaskin opens up to the crowd "like an internet browser."

From left: Writers Sam Chidley (blue shirt), Ginger wRong Chen, and Mark Talacko