Featured H.A.L. Artist: Christine Forte

About Christine Forte

Christine Forte is an American writer and photographer based in Shanghai, China since 2009. She’s a regular contributer to HALiterature in addition to writing for several other of the city’s publications. In the past she has written for Counseling Today, WHIM and popmatters.com. She also used to produce a  quarterly ‘zine called TEXT and is very interested in learning more about the creation of ‘zines in China. She is currently experimenting more with visual formats in both graphic short stories and video. Her most recent video compilation will be projected at Node Lounge on January 21st under the name Eva Midnight.

About Featured Series, THOUGHTCRIME

THOUGHTCRIME was originally conceived as a way for party-goers to interact with and influence the entertainment at the Party Like it’s 1984 book release. Attendees were challenged with anonymously writing their “darkest Shanghai secret” on a card. Then the cards, without any knowledge about who actually wrote them, were paired with the anonymized portraits to convey the emotion of the secret revealed.