Pretty Fly for a Laowai II – MC Susie

by S. C. Gordon

They say I’m
Pretty fly for a laowai
But they don’t know shit,
Cos I’m the flyest of them all.

I’m the word bird,
Maybe you’ve heard.
I write rhymes that’ll hit you
Verse that’ll shit you
Like a dog that bit you.

When I hop up outta bed,
Turn my swag on.
Trippin’ through the neighborhood,
Put some tunes on.
Got my bling, got my swing, do my thing.
Got my waiguo huzhao,
Xinjiang shaokao
Drop it like it’s hot,
Rappin’ on the spot,
Spinnin’ rhymes,
Doin’ time.

They say I’m
Pretty fly for a laowai,
But they don’t know jack,
Cos I’m the flyest mothafucka of them all.