Groupthink Nov.21st-6pm

Happy Birthday Groupthink! You’re officially one year old plus 5 days. Yep. Naturally I’d like to take this opportunity to say a few words, please bear with me: The face of Groupthink has changed drasticaly since it’s inception and blah blah blah something about tequila fuck whatever.

FANTASY Groupthink: surprisingly bereft of prancing fairies, orcs and ogres. No complaints here, I’m on a Harry Potter bender and I’m about 4,000 pages deep in the shit (you think I’m joking but I’m not).

The definite highlight of the night was Christine Forte’s All the Beauty in China. Love found and lost in almost the same instant in a compelling period drama that transcends the time in which it transpires. This is an instant HAL classic from straight out of left field. One of the most creative and beautiful pieces we’ve had the honour of featuring on our humble website. Bravo Christine.

Next up two-time comer, first-time submitter Stefan Schear. Hear hear! Read it here! Cheers! HAL be lovin’ it.

Nashville psychobilly Miller Wey put down his banjo, six-shooter and highfalutin’ ways to pick up the pen and regale us with the fantastical Traveler’s Rest. Interesting intersection of East and West, both in setting and the various classical tales alluded to in this peach of a short. Wait for it.

Birthday birthday and all that, I was prompted to dig dig through the HAL archives to see see what we had posted before in the fantasy line. One of my personal favorites: The Magic Dumplings. Did we ever meet that guy Paul Paul? If so I don’t remember, but I love this story.

All you haters…you know what to do.

Next Groupthink:

Date: November 21st, 2010 – 6pm 6pm 6pm

Where: Bell Cafe in Tianzifang (Taikang Lu)

Topic: – choose one of the two:

  • the apartment below
  • Christmas with Butler in Bangkok