Left Behind

by Angel

I’m Bonny. I have mummy and daddy, I live with my grandma and grandad though. Mummy and daddy work in Suzhou, but I don’t know where it is. It must be very far away, as they don’t come to see me much, only two to three times a year.

My grandparents run a small drugstore at the corner of a street, and we live behind it. Most of time, I play by myself, grandma does the housework and grandpa takes care of the business. Sometimes, I sit with grandpa behind the counter, watching him talk and sell things to our customers. A lot of kids come to our store with their parents, they usually get gadgets and snacks if they ask.

My parents have rarely taken me to a store, as they are away most of the time. Generally, they ask me what I want on the phone and the mailman delivers their gifts for them. I wonder, why can’t they visit me as often as the mailman?

One day, mummy sent me a schoolbag. I asked grandpa what it was for. He said it was for carrying my books and pencils, and I was going to kindergarten after summer. My first day at the kindergarten was not very good, because a boy named Dan annoyed me with so many questions.

“Who brought you here?” he asked.

“My grandma.”

“Why didn’t your mummy or daddy do that?”

“They are not at home.”

“Where are they then?”

“They work in Suzhou.” I began to feel impatient and wanted him to shut up, but grandma told me to be polite and friendly to other kids.

“Where is it?” he continued.

“I don’t know, but it is very far from here.”

“Why do they leave you here? Don’t they want you?”

“No,” I yelled at him, “They want me more than anything. They call me everyday. I’ll ask them to beat you up. You just wait.” I pushed him and he cried, which made me less angry.

That night, I asked grandma if mummy and daddy didn’t want me anymore.

“Of course not,” she said, “They love you dearly.”

“Then why aren’t they here with me?”

“Because they have to make money.”

“Is money more important than me?”

“No, it’s not like that. They make money because they want you to lead a better life.”

“But I just want them to be with me.”

“They will come to see you when the holiday comes. Be patient, dear.”

I waited for the holiday to come, by then Dan would know he was wrong and would stop talking nonsense. That day finally arrived. Mummy and daddy called and told me that they would take the morning coach and pick me up at the kindergarten the next day.

I woke up earlier than usual the next morning, yearning to tell Dan the news. At breakfast, grandpa said that it snowed rather heavily last night, and asked grandma to be careful when taking me to the kindergarten on the electric-bike.

After lunch, I couldn’t help looking up to the door of the classroom every few minutes, thinking that mummy and daddy might arrive early. The bell for dismissal rang. Some kids started to leave with their parents, and Dan’s parents came. I asked him to wait with me for mine, as it was the last day of school before the holiday.

After a while, Dan was taken away. When grandma showed up at the door, I rushed to her and cried, “Where are mummy and daddy? Why didn’t they come? They gave me their word!” Grandma said: “Don’t be like this. You are a big girl now. Let’s get your things and go home.”

I sat on the back seat of the bike with my head resting on grandma’s back. Her voice came directly from her body into my right ear, “There is too much snow on the highway, and vehicles are trapped in a traffic jam. They will be home later tonight.” I listened but made no answers, worrying about if Dan would think I lied to him. When I got home, mummy called several times, only to tell me they would arrive soon. However, they were nowhere to be seen till I was put into bed. I meant to wait, yet I fell asleep instead.

When I woke up the next morning, I found myself snug in mummy’s arms. For the following seven days, I clung to mummy and daddy as closely as I can. I followed them everywhere they went, wouldn’t let them out of my sight for one second, fearing that they might leave without taking me along.

On the eighth day morning, I opened my eyes, but I didn’t see mummy and daddy next to me. I shouted, “Mummy! Daddy!” But it was Grandma who came in. At that moment, I know, that they were both gone, and left me behind again.