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So many things can be said about what’s going on in China in 2010, and since we’ve got less than two years left before the apocalypse (2012, not the Expo…what did you think I meant?), we’d better get it all down in pixels and broadcast into outer space so that future generations will know what a charming race we were.

The site is a forum for all things literature in China. Exactly what does that mean? Your guess is as good as mine. But it has something to do with taking the best writings from both sides of the local/expat fence and putting them into orbit.

Where do we begin? HAL publishing’s first book will be coming out in late 2010. party like it’s 1984: short stories from the peoples’ republic of is a collection of shorts by China based authors locals and expats alike.

In the meantime you can get your fix of chinalit from our backlog of writings from HAL’s Groupthink writers’ meetings, which we’ve been holding for several months now here in the center of the universe.

Still can’t figure out what to do? Engage the scroll function on your mouse and follow the words with your eyes. Stop before they begin bleeding.