Office Poetry

Roses are red, working 9 to 5
when I go postal
no one will be left alive

It’s Monday morning. Your favorite part of the week. You’ve just spent a migrant workers’ fortune on trendy overpriced restaurants and more cocktails than you can remember and all you got for it was a bloody hangover and a  3am make-out at M2. Your apartment looks like a crack house for DVD and Sherpas addicts. It’s all good though, cause Super Aiyi is coming today and you know what that means: clean underwear! Yesssssss!.

In the meantime you’re hard at work. Plants versus Zombies, Mob wars, Facebook and emails to friends and family. All on the company dollar! Life is good. Someone get me another coffee.

Somewhere between getting your caffeine and facebook fix write up a piece of office inspired poetry and post it in the comments section below. We’ll choose a winner sometime when we feel like it, and send that person a limited edition boss print (above) by Oskar Ekehäll.

The gauntlet is down people. REPRESENT!!!!