demons on vacation

Hi Josef!

We’re having a great time here in Hainan. The weather couldn’t be better. It’s just been sun and fun since we got here. We’re going to need another vacation when we get back just to recover from this one. You know how it is. lol haha.

self-loathing has been a bit depressed but you know how he is. Says it’s just not the same without you. He’ll feel better when we get home.

We lost binge drinking on the first night here and haven’t heard from him since. We’re going to check the bars and clubs for him on our last night. I’m sure he’ll turn up. Don’t worry!

pompous drunkard pissed everybody off and made a fool of himself on Saturday and since then he’s been hanging out at the hotel playing video games with gluttony and regret. Just as well. They make a fine trio.

I was out last night with paternal persecution complex and we were having a great time. We met some local cuties after dinner and hit the clubs together. They were completely insane! We could barely keep up. I think their names were party-drugs and self-destruction. They’re talking about coming back to Shanghai with us. Wouldn’t that be fun? Just when things were getting crazy irrational fear showed up and crashed the party with spontaneous melancholy. Total bummer. Anyhow, we’ll be seeing them again tonight and we’ll be leaving the party poopers at home.

Tomorrow’s our last day here and then we’re flying back on Thursday so be ready for us! Miss you man!

Your Demons