Willy and His Two Friends

A sex education tale
by David Hampson

Willy had 2 friends, bolliker and balliker. Willy always wondered why they looked so similar and he looked so different, so strange. They would tease him when he inexplicably grew large and then shrunk. And when it was cold they would snuggle together leaving Willy all alone. They shared the same space inside the 95% polyester tent. Worse was when bolliker and balliker made him vomit when he didn’t want to, and sometimes in very embarrassing situations, getting the tent all wet. Sometimes he would be pushed into the water chute, with bolliker and balliker making him vomit, which was strange because he never ate anything.

One particularly busy day, after bolliker and balliker had made him vomit 2 times already, and then vomit once again into the tight pink swimming suit that the man in the sky made him wear, Willy and bolliker and balliker were taken for a ride across town. They went into a dark place that smelt a bit fishy. Suddenly the tent came off and balliker and bolliker were getting slapped by a wooden paddle, Willy started laughing at his little friends jiggling around, so much that he vomited with all the excitement! But this time he didn’t mind.