Revenge of the Butterfly

by Ginger wRong Chen

My name is Bella Butterfly. My late boyfriend’s name was Bobby Butterfly. We lived on a tropical island with white sand and palm trees.

Three years ago, a lady and a man came to the island. He called her “Sweetheart,” she called him “Bastard.” Bastard kept saying to Sweetheart, “Come on, sweetheart, give me another chance.” And Sweetheart never changed her reply, “Leave me alone.”

The third day they were on the island. A bright, breezy afternoon, me and Bobby were playing on a leaf, rolling and laughing. But all of a sudden, the leaf broke away from the branch. Surprisingly, it didn’t land on the floor. It flew steadily in the sky. We looked up. It was Bastard. He held the leaf in his hand. We were excited at the beginning. After all, It was our first experience of flying. Five seconds later, we saw Sweetheart. She was lying on the white sand, a Sangria in hand. As he said, “Come on, sweetheart, ” he brushed the leaf against her face, back and forth. Bobby was thrown to the edge. He held onto the back of the leaf. But his full and round body was dangling down. “Oh, my god!” Sweetheart screamed, “what’s the matter of you, get that disgusting worm off me! ” She jumped to her feet and stomped Bobby to death.

I was so sad that I made myself a silky house with no windows and door. I stayed inside days and nights, mourning for Bobby. My tears formed colorful wings on me.

I wanted a revenge.

Seven days passed. I knew I was ready. I opened the windows and let the sun shine in. With my new wings, I flew around the island. I found Sweetheart lying in a hammock. Her skin was much darker than I thought. But I recognized her bellybutton ring, and the Sangria in her hand. I hid deep inside a magnolia, waiting for my chance. Surprisingly, the same thing happened like the day Bobby died. The magnolia started flying. It was Bastard. As he said, “Come on. sweetheart!”, he brushed the flower against her nose.

“Perfect! ” I thought to myself. “Aim at her face.” I thrust my way out.

“Oh, my god! ” She gasped. “ A butterfly! How did you do this? It’s so beautiful! ” She kissed him.

Together, they caught me and brought me back. For three years, I’ve been nailed to the wall in their house.

The first year, when Sweetheart said, “This butterfly saved our love!” Bastard said, “She is a godsend!”

The second year, when Sweetheart said, “This butterfly saved our love!” Bastard said, “Urhur.”

This morning, when Sweetheart said, “This butterfly saved our love!” Bastard stared at me, anger in his eyes.

At that moment, I looked out the window. There it was, Bobby’s smiling face in the sky.