Groupthink – Harmonious society

Rest assured. We live in an harmonious society. All is peaceful and well. Thank the maker.

For those of you not fortunate enough to live in Sweden or North Korea, take comfort. HAL is there for you.

Crab’s Worldby Angel
A biting (or pinching?) allegory by HAL’s favorite pixie. The most charming English the middle kingdom has to offer and a vicious invertebrate with more bling than you’ll ever own.

The Nomadic Metropolisby H. van Blarenburg
HAL’s dystopic philosopher brings the pain in a post-apocalyptic ethereal mindfuck.

Lee, Me and the Fallacyby Dena
If the title hasn’t captured your interest perhaps you need to get your kung-fu shoes on and head down to qipu lu to get some spectacles. A cynical short by HAL’s resident Las Vegetarian sexbomb.

love letters to genghis khan by Owsley Beck
Poetry. Epic fucking poetry from the man who makes Henry the 8th look like a pussy.

House on Fire by Ginger wRong Chen
Ginger wRong. Ginger wRong. Ginger wRong. Gets it all wRight in this twisted tale of wHarmony.

cats / godsby Ling’Ling

Chaos Withinby Björn Wahlström
A musical treatise on harmony and dissonance. Did you just feel your paradigm shift?