Groupthink – Bedtime Stories

HAL loves the little children. Like Michael Jackson with a court-ordered chaperone.

Revenge of the Butterfly – by Ginger wRong Chen
Shanghai vixen Ginger wRong strips down to her melancholy soul in this cynical fantasy/fairy tale.

Willy and His Two Friendsby David Hampson
It’s Sunday night and the kids are ready for bed. You tuck the little angels in and sit yourself down at respectable distance that is non-intrusive and politically correct. You read them their favorite bedtime story: Willy and His Two Friends. The kids fall to sleep with visions of Bolliker and Balliker dancing through their dreams. You sick bastard. This is guaranteed to make you laugh, and if you happen to be a Limey, probably for days on end.

Left Behindby Angel
A touching short about a little angel from HAL’s own Angel as she curls up in the mind of a Chinese child. The endearing narrator longs for his parents who work to build a better future for him in distant Suzhou while Grandma and Granddad care for him. Why can’t they visit as often as the postman?

The Magic Dumplingsby Paul Kurowski
A comitragic story of Little Jin and his best friend Timmy as they eat Mr. Dingdong’s MSG laden magic dumplings, mixing humour and fantasy on a distinctly Chinese backdrop.