Groupthink – Your Last Will

The task this week was nothing less than to write your own last will, and, if you so will, last words to the world. Heavy stuff, ladies and gentlemen. Besides donating all their earthly possessions to HAL (as we knew they would), our groupthinkers came up with deeply personal texts, and we’re still begging most of them for permission to publish. Enjoy meanwhile the two Bs:

Suitcaseby Owsley Beck
Owsley’s legendary suitcase reappears, delivered out of the rich black soil of Battler River ‘like Jonah to shores of Nineveh.’

Do not bury me in Asiaby B.
Or else B. will be back to haunt us all. Rest assured B.: HAL will personally cremate you in the Da Marco pizza oven and smuggle you back to frosty northern Europe, we promise!