Groupthink – Superhero saves Shanghai

HAL writer Mr. Murakami (“Make that just ‘Murakami’ please.”) is proud presenter of this week’s topic: superhero saves Shanghai! Turns out our writers define ‘save’ in interesting ways, including extensive destruction of public property, slaughtering construction site management, and shooting tequila with the devil. The kind of stuff you need permission from your local 公安局 for. For HAL and E.Snow it’s classic communist pastime for the masses, the kind of stuff we teach our kids,  延安 1942 mfs, been there, done that.

Flee the Childrenby Betty P
The Anti-Lei Feng is born! In a world of xiaowangzi, this little hero wreaks righteous havoc to the mother of all oppressors: Disney English Class.

The Fearsome Min’gong Manby B.
Straight outta Funan, this mean mf must not have paid attention to his village party secretary: ‘There will be no unlawful petitioning’. HAL supports that. Little does the Mingong-man listen. Based on a true story B. tells us.