Author Spotlight: William Ellis

William Ellis received his Ph.D in Literature from Boston College, then taught humanities for many years at Vanier College in Montreal. He has just retired after  seven years as the Senior Foreign Expert of the English department at Sichuan University. There, he offered courses in Western Intellectual History, Art History, European Literature, and Canadian Studies. He was awarded the Sichuan Province Teaching Excellence Award in 2008.  He was one of the founders of the Chengdu Bookworm Writing Group, and one of the editors and contributors of Mala Literary Journal.

He is now backpacking for a year around the world with his wife, Denise (Chen Yu).  He is the author of The Theory of the American Romance, an Ideology in American Intellectual History, nominated in 1989 for the John Hope Franklin Publication Prize. His poetry has been published in Mala,Chengdu Grooves, and Unshod Quills.