The Queen of SLAMHAI!II Susie Gordon

Queen of SLAMHAI! Susie Gordon

Another year almost gone by, and another winner of the infamous SLAMHAI! Competition was tight this time around, not the least as ruling champion Mark Butler came back all the way from his cozy cocktail fueled comfort down in Thailand to defend the title. 10 poets started out in round 1, one stronger than the other. Susie Gordon, the flying Lasky brothers, Ginger wRong Chen, Mark Butler, Katrina Hamlin, Danielle LeClerc, Darcy Fischer, Willow Neilson, Hunter Braithwaite and Tom Mangione…

Susie was in rare form this evening, and well deserved the title. As a special treat, here an excerpt of her first piece of the evening, entitled “Laowai Side-Eye”:

And then there’s the girls…


Bitch, what’s with the laowai side-eye?
Are you sizing me up?
Seeing whose ass is fatter,
Whose chest is flatter?
What the fuck does it matter?
Or do you think we should be “friends” –
Go to Ladies’ Night, talk pure shite
About how hard life is here.
How your boyfriend’s a sleaze,
Ignores all your needs,
Wishes you were Chinese…
So stop with the laowai side-eye,

Big Congrats again to Susie Gordon!

We don’t blow our own niubi over here at HAL, so read here and here about the details of the event. All we’re gonna say at this point is that every single one of these boys and girls brought their a-game this particular night, giving the Shanghai crowd one of the most entertaining evenings of the year. Big thanks goes out to beautiful Bree Harrison of Dyce, Steve Wang at RSAC, Icenine, Christine Forte, Ben Thriller, Stéphanie Vallée, and all you other brilliant people who helped us make this event a great success. HAL applauds you! Hope to see all of you back for the next SLAMHAI!, date tba very soon. Enjoy the pictures below, all by Beatriz Garcia. Feel free to upload your own photos and comments on the H.A.L. Publishing Facebook site. Meanwhile, HAL wishes you a white Christmas and a fantastic new year, see you great people on the other side!

Nate introducing the poets

Ginger wRong Chen

Tom Mangione bringing the pain as always

MC Nate doing shots with the poets

Poets Mark Butler, Katrina Hamlin, Bryan Lasky, Susie Gordon and Danielle LeClerc

Jason Lasky

Beautiful Katrina Hamlin

Darcy Fischer

All-round talent Willow Nielson

Christine Forte bringing out the dirty secrets of Shanghai

Icenine taking on the crowd

Stéphanie Vallée handing over her live piece to the winner Susie Gordon

HAL house DJ Ben Thriller turning up the volume

The beautiful piece “The Devoured Man” by Ms Bree Harrisson herself

And the crowd goes wild…