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H.A.L. Publishing is launching “LIT”, a bi-monthly evening of video poetry, storytelling, readings and performances. The event will feature several notable authors from around Shanghai, including the owner of H.A.L. Bjorn Wahlstrom and Canadian author W.M. Butler. Also, the evening will offer a sneak peak at the upcoming Mamaguchi Storytelling event, and premier Renee Reynold’s dark-reading project “subtext”. No cover. Starts at 8:00pm.


The Shanghai Tunnels Project

In 2012, H.A.L. Publishing of Shanghai, China and its sister site, Unshod Quills of Portland, Oregon, teamed up with Monica Storss of Portland, Oregon and China’s JUE Arts and Music Festival to produce the first China-US based video poetry festival. Submissions were sought and sent from all over the world. A panel of four officers with the Shanghai Tunnels Project prescreened the videos, selecting those for judging that most met their definition of video poetry.  If you’re viewing this from the PRC, you’ll need a VPN to view the YouTube links (some are on Vimeo).

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The Ministry of Truth: Storytellers

H.A.L. Publishing and mamagushi bring the ancient art of  oral STORYTELLING to Suzhou and the ‘Hai starting March 22nd with what could possibly be both city’s first ever Storytelling events. Artists will be crafting some juicy stories and telling them up close, personal and live for both the JUE Festival and the Bookworm International Lit Fest. Experience the awesome as our storytellers take on the topic of FIRST TIMES! For a taste check out some badassery from one of our past GROUPTHiNK Storytelling workshops.

If you are an audience member or aspiring storyteller that wants to get involved in the action, just come on by to one of the events and toss your name in the ring for a chance to tell your own story. If you’re a little shy, stay and watch the show, get your liquid courage on and give it a try. The Topic again is FIRST TIMES (doesn’t need to be the obvious) and can be funny, touching, silly, wonderful. Whatever.  It just has to be true! Stay glued to H.A.L. for more updates.

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Hero’s Journey: Lecture

Our first installment of the Hero’s Journey workshop was a great big bowl of awesome. Some great beginnings from some great writers. We were treated to a little of everything, ranging from employees at a dream factory to a kung-fu adventure spanning two continents. A lot of talking and feedback from all the participants  involved.

This upcoming meeting was going to be geared towards crafting the second parts in our stories but H.A.L. got some good news in the form of  Lynn King, who just happens to be all about the Hero’s Journey. Lynn teaches others how to live their own hero’s journey and how to apply it to their daily lives. Lynn has offered to come in and speak to GROUPTHiNK about the subject. This is a great chance for all you guys who may not know much about this subject and will allow others who could not make it to our first session or are behind with their stories to catch up. As for those of you who are a head of schedule it will give you a chance get some perspective on what you’ve already written. Or if you are just interested in the Journey and want to be inspired stop on by.

Our regular workshopping of part 2 of our hero stories will start up again at the following GT after the 25th.

And remember  DYCE Productions will be choosing a story to illustrate after this is all over. We look forward to seeing you all at The Rabbit Hole.

(NEXT GT MEETING SUNDAY MARCH 25th. 6:30PM @ THE RABBIT HOLE . A lecture on The Hero’s Journey)


An Evening of Smut @ YY’s

H.A.L. got all hot and bothered over at YY’s with some of the filthiest smut around plus featured readings by Renee Reynolds and Mark Talacko from H.A.L.’s second book MIDDLE KINGDOM UNDERGROUND. Performances by Robin Silver, Basia Dekleva, W.M. Butler and Fei Wu left the audience panting for more! The evening was a climatic event for all involved. Guests and authors stayed late into the night in a post coital embrace, lost in the afterglow of some brilliant readings. If you missed the event and would like to get a little taste of what going down at a H.A.L. event is like check out these stories!

Basia Dekleva – Fifteen Minutes

Peaches Pleasant – Love Between Trapezes

W.M. Butler – Donkey Punch

Fei Wu – A Place of Great and Rushing Silence


HAL and MKU in the Media

Press for H.A.L. Publishing, its writers, its new book, MIDDLE KINGDOM UNDERGROUND and its events. Check it out, and while you’re at it, check out The Shanghai Tunnels Project. Get involved!

Enjoy Shanghai : HAL Publishing (MKU Launch and SLAMHAI 3!)

The World of Chinese: Bjorn Wahlstrom on guerilla publishing

That’s Magazine : MKU Review

Vimeo MKU book Trailer

MKU: Press Release

Asian Cha: Dena Rash Guzman and MKU/River South Arts Festival

Pipe Dream Publishing: two articles –
MKU/Book Launch and interview with DRG


The Shanghai Tunnels Project


River South Arts Festival

Hear all about this Event on the That’s Shanghai: The Podcast (H.A.L. interview 23:30min into podcast)

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SLAMHAI3 — Slam poetry for the people of the ‘Hai

Watch SLAMHAI3 on Vimeo.

That’s right all you haters: H.A.L. is going back to River South Art Center on December 3rd, with new and improved poets for a new and even less harmonious SLAMHAI3. And, oh, a new book: MIDDLE KINGDOM UNDERGROUND. End of the year party is on people! If by chance you missed last year’s poetry bash you may want to check it out here.

Full Press Release for SLAMHAI3 here.



Illumin8tors at Mao Livehouse Tonight!


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