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The new literary quarterly Far Enough East by H.A.L. Publishing is live as of today.


Visit Far Enough East now. That’s all we have to say.


FAR ENOUGH EAST: A New Literary Journal from H.A.L.

We here at H.A.L. Publishing are proud to present our newest foray into venture literature. Far Enough East is an online publication that will showcase work from emerging and established writers breaking barriers and crossing borders. H.A.L. is  firmly rooted in Shanghai’s independent literature community, but are now turning our eyes towards the international community, seeking exceptional literature and poetry that captures the world we live in today.



1) All submissions must be in English. Translations are acceptable and should be accompanied by a copy of the original text. Fiction and non-fiction entries are not to exceed 3,000 words. Poets may submit up to five poems at once; no single poem should exceed 100 lines.

2) Submissions should be attached as a word document.

3) A short, 50 word factual bio can be included in the body of the entry email.

4) Special formatting discouraged.

5) Selected writers grant H.A.L. Publishing first serial rights; all rights revert to the author upon publication, which will occur within six months of acceptance. Selected writers grant H.A.L. the right to indefinitely promote the author’s work online and in print, including by excerpting the work online and in print for promotional purposes.

6) Simultaneous submissions allowed, but please notify the editors immediately if chosen for publication elsewhere. Previously published material not allowed.

8) By act of submission, submitters verify that the work they submit is their own and does not infringe on the copyrights of any other author, story or work, published or unpublished.

9) Failure to follow or agree to these terms will result in disqualification.

10) Subject of e-mail should include name of author, name of piece and genre you are submitting to. (ex: Author Name/ Title/ Genre)

Please send all submissions to Editor Robin Silver at by midnight (Shanghai time) Oct 22. We will respond to all submissions prior to publication of the issue to which authors submit their work.


Two poems: Seriatim and Office Existential

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Big In China Short Fiction Competition


Founded in 2009 by Bjorn Wahlstrom, a Swede living in Shanghai, China, H.A.L. Publishing is proud to announce its first international short fiction (1,500 words) competition, The Big In China Short Fiction Competition.

Deadline for entry is October 1, 2012 at midnight Pacific Standard Time. Winners will be announced by October 15, 2012.

H.A.L., as China’s leading English language small press and literary events company, is best known for cutting edge China-based literature and performances by natives and foreigners living in the PRC, but in recent months has opened up its submissions to include other works from around the world. The Shanghai Tunnels Project International Video Poetry Festival, held in conjunction with Unshod Quills, is one such recent example. H.A.L. books are distributed internationally at such retailers as Garden Books in China, Powell’s Books, online and in Portland stores, and Quimby’s in Chicago.

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Unchaste Readers 2

Monday, July 16
Unchaste Readers Version 2 Featuring

Kira Clark (poet, musician, editor @ Housefire)
Margaret Michelle (poet)
Nina Rockwell (poet and writer)
Domi J. Shoemaker (writer)
Lisa Wells (poet and author, Yeah. No. Totally.)
Lidia Yuknavitch (author,  The Chronology of Water; and Dora: a Headcase)

 doors 7:00 pm, show 7:30 PST
Jack London Bar, 529 SW 4th Ave.
Portland, Oregon, USA
$5 suggested donation

Unchaste Readers is a quarterly Portland, Oregon reading series
hosted and curated by Jenny Forrester and Dena Rash Guzman.

Unchaste Readers: Women Reading Their Minds.


Author Spotlight and Story: Ron Rash


Traveling as a Legend: Devil to Devil Killer

Traveling as April, 1990.  Just one year since certain iconic acts of courage  in Beijing.

In my capacity as Chief Operating Officer for an international nutrition supplement company that processed, packaged, and sold many herbs in quantity, I was headed to Hong Kong and on to Guangzhou in southern China to procure herbs in bulk.

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H.A.L. International – The Peeping Tom Idea


By Lisa Marklinger


Morning. Again.


“Yes… I’ll get four biscotti—on a plate—and a large Viennese with almond milk.”

“Sure. That’ll be $10.75.”

Norris lets out a bleary sigh. “Can you guys make a milkshake?”

“You already know we can.”

“Make me a chocolate one.”

“Okay. That comes to $16.50.”


“Sixteen dollars and fifty cents. Please.” The barista repeats, stressing each syllable.

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H.A.L. International: Come On Down!

by N. Celestina White

“Roderick Stahl 1-579, come on down!” The brightly-painted Gary George 536 cried, voice amplified automatically by his built-in microphone. The contestant jumped in place with a clatter, his paint job still gleaming wetly. He ran down the aisle to the lower stage, soft metal bangs sounding as his hand-analogues slapped other hand-analogues. Jim Roddey 95 spread his hand-analogues wide, greeting the newcomer with his trademark smile.

“Welcome, Roderick! Our next item up for bid is…” As Amanda 1-634 rolled out the prize, everyone oohed. It was a multi-part gift set, including a personal audio/video system, a free paint job at Old Sal’s Paint Shoppe, and a set of automatic wheels.

“15,045,” said Roderick.


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