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Author Spotlight and Story: Ron Rash


Traveling as a Legend: Devil to Devil Killer

Traveling as April, 1990.  Just one year since certain iconic acts of courage  in Beijing.

In my capacity as Chief Operating Officer for an international nutrition supplement company that processed, packaged, and sold many herbs in quantity, I was headed to Hong Kong and on to Guangzhou in southern China to procure herbs in bulk.

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Author Spotlight: Miodrag Kojadinovic

H.A.L. is proud to present Miodrag Kojadinovic, one of the many great authors appearing in the follow-up short story collection to Party like it’s 1984. With HAL’s first collection you were given a look at life behind the bamboo curtain. Now, HAL wants to show you a different side of life in the People’s Republic of – namely, what goes on beneath the sheets and behind locked doors. All the naughty bits. This November will mark the release of the new book, along with another amazing launch party that will rival last year’s glamorous bash at River South. So get ready for dirty hook-ups in the Shanghai Metro, funny money, grifters, sex with big plastic bags, and, in Miodrag’s case, questionable activities involving bunny rabbits! While you won’t get to see the actual stories from the book until the release, we can give you a little taste of the talent.

Without further adieu, here is a sample of the excellence you will see in the new book!


Miodrag Kojadinović is a Canadian-Serbian dual national, poet, prose writer, journalist, translator, interpreter, and photographer. His 200+ pieces of writing have been published in English, Serbian, Dutch, Russian, Hungarian, and Slovene in Canada, Serbia, the US, France, Russia, China, England, Holland, Slovenia, India, Croatia, and Montenegro and he has appeared in three documentaries shown at festivals (of which one was specifically about Kojadinović). Continue reading…


Author Spotlight: William Ellis

William Ellis received his Ph.D in Literature from Boston College, then taught humanities for many years at Vanier College in Montreal. He has just retired after  seven years as the Senior Foreign Expert of the English department at Sichuan University. There, he offered courses in Western Intellectual History, Art History, European Literature, and Canadian Studies. He was awarded the Sichuan Province Teaching Excellence Award in 2008.  He was one of the founders of the Chengdu Bookworm Writing Group, and one of the editors and contributors of Mala Literary Journal.

He is now backpacking for a year around the world with his wife, Denise (Chen Yu).  He is the author of The Theory of the American Romance, an Ideology in American Intellectual History, nominated in 1989 for the John Hope Franklin Publication Prize. His poetry has been published in Mala,Chengdu Grooves, and Unshod Quills.


Author Spotlight: Tom Mangione

Tom Mangione

Tom Mangione considers himself to be a poet first and a musician, songwriter, blogger, promoter and journalist after. However, telling people that you’re a poet requires great gall (or an unhealthy amount of alcohol), so Tom usually introduces himself as something else. Tom has published fiction and poetry for Shanghai’s own HAL Publishing and the Urbanity Project. As a local journalist, he has written articles for the Global Times, Urban Eyes, Smartshanghai, SH Magazine and Talk Magazine. He blogs regularly about poetry, China, his life and the amazing lexicons of both Chinese and English at As a musician, he performs American folk rock music every Monday night at Anar as Ho-Tom the Conqueror.

Tom’s Featured Poem – Monsterum Poeticum

Five Questions for Tom Mangione

HAL: What is the one book that can make you weep every time you read it?

TM: The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño

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Author Spotlight: Renée Reynolds


Renée Reynolds grew up between Chicago and Los Angeles. She writes short fiction and paints long images while working as a freelance writer in Shanghai.

Featured Poem- Lillian by Renée Reynolds

5 Questions for Renée Reynolds

HAL: What is the most misunderstood genre in literature?

RR: The Power Point Presentation, hands down.

HAL: What is a perfect fictional character name ?

RR: Will Self. Unfortunately already taken by a famous living author of fiction.

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Author Spotlight: W.M. Butler

W.M. Butler

W.M. Butler is from Calgary, Canada. He was once a poet but now is a short story writer. He is currently being coerced  into writing a novel. He’s freaked out but happy that his work appears on H.A.L.’s website and ShanghaiSquared. Currently a short story of his is being adapted for the screen as a short film. W.M. Butler is currently working on his first collection of short stories due for publication later this year… or next.

W.M. Butler’s featured stories:

The Adventures Of Brute Noir: A Tall Tale (new)

I’m Steel, Baby

Five Questions for W.M. Butler

HAL: What time is it?

WMB: Um, like 4 AM.

HAL: What do you do when you’re not writing?

WMB: Feel guilty for not writing.

HAL: What made you want to pick up a pen?

WMB: Someone told me there would be chicks. I’ve always wanted a baby bird of my own but there was this… incident when I was three years old…
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Author Spotlight!: Ginger wRong Chen


Ginger wRong Chen

Ginger is a female writer; wRong is an incorrect writer; Chen is a Chinese writer. Ginger+wRong+Chen is a female incorrect Chinese writer, who manipulates the art of storytelling into short stories, film and TV scripts. Find her works in Party Like It’s 1984 or on our website.

Ginger’s featured story:

House on Fire

Five Questions For Ginger wRong Chen:

HAL: When you just can’t find that character, line, idea etc. What do you do to get your creative juices flowing?

GwC: Dip yourself into the blankness. Make it deep. Then jump out of it. Go do whatever rubbish you feel like, for instance, slicing some ginger, I mean the ginger ginger. Now let your subconsciousness do the rest of the work. Sooner or later you will have something, hopefully something good. The point is to have faith in the unknown part of your brain. You don’t need to know how it works. You just need to know it is working, and it works.

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5 Quick Questions for H.A.L. Author Susie C. Gordon

S. C. Gordon was born in the north of England in 1981. Her poetry collection ‘Peckham Blue’ was published in London in 2006, and she writes short stories, plays, and novels between freelancing as a journalist in Shanghai.

1. What are you working on right now?
I am in the final planning stages of a novel provisionally entitled “Hengshan Road” which tells the story of two sisters who live with their father, an exiled British author, in his near-derelict villa on Hengshan Lu. One sister was adopted as a baby, and the narrative focuses on the search for her birth mother. What they find is far from the expected. Continue reading…


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